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H FIVE ...edible

Even if the pace of work and life is high, you don't want to miss out on good service, freshness and quality.

H FÜNF is a new generation edible bar where you can feast and enjoy at any time of the day - even if things have to be done quickly. Whether breakfast or daily changing lunch dishes, exclusive sandwiches, MIKAH coffee and cake in the afternoon, aperitivo at the “blue hour” or a pleasant evening with wine and excellent food.

In summer we can welcome you on our terrace in the HFünfGarten.

We look forward to your visit !

Your hosts Nina & Kai

Nina & Kai


“Most beautiful restaurant in Germany, Austria and Switzerland”

In its book “The Most Beautiful Restaurants & Bars 2020”, the German Hotel and Restaurant Association not only presents and honors the most representative restaurants, but also recognizes the work of their architects, planners and manufacturers.

Stylish stopover

Beyond the hustle and bustle of shopping on Theatinerstrasse, the “H Fünf Essbar” café is a city oasis in the middle of the “ Fünf Höfe ” city district. Whether breakfast or lunch, afternoon coffee or evening aperitivo, the location suits all occasions. There is even a tranquil “H Five Garden” in its own courtyard.

The CityQuartier “ Fünf Höfe ” on Theatinerstrasse is one of Munich’s highlights. Designed by the star architects Herzog & de Meuron, the shopping mile in the listed main building of the former Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank was the Basel architects' first international competition success in 1994. The name comes from the five individual passages: In addition to Perusa, Portia and Viscardihof with the artwork “Sphere” by Olafur Eliasson, there is the Pranner and Salvator passage. There are 60 shops on 14,000 square meters and eight cafés and restaurants on around 2,500 square meters. One of them is the “H Fünf” with the “H Fünf Garten” opposite Hugendubel and lacoste. In the former Baldessarini flagship store, passers-by now find a rest area and meeting point for a snack in between. The dishes on the menu are named after the individual farms and are down-to-earth - such as fine veal patties with potato salad.

The “H Fünf” is one of those locations that you like to visit without being able to explain exactly why. Because you immediately feel good. Its interior is unobtrusive, thoughtfully designed and pleasantly unpretentious. How much design planning goes into the details only becomes apparent at second glance. Interior designer Jasmin Massur created various areas and niches that convey a sense of security: be it in the corner at high tables or along the curved counter, in the seating area with low tables or outside on the continuous glass front on bar stools. Inside you sit like you're in an aquarium, from which the fish - here the guests - watch the hustle and bustle outside. A mosaic made of glass plates inserted into exposed concrete from the Mayer'schen Hofkunstanstalt creates glittering effects in the adjoining Pranner passage. The “Hanging Gardens” by artist Tita Giese with their living green plants float above the heads of passers-by. Speaking of which: the top of the long bar table also hangs from the ceiling of the restaurant on metal struts. A cool idea. The counter with the light textured pattern adapts to the herringbone parquet. Natural tones, accentuated with black, run through the entire café. A groovy sound is in the air. The right place for a stylish stopover while shopping.

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